Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes

Have you thought about working with a private trainer but didn't have the time? We are now offering virtual consultations via Google Duo, Skype, and Facetime. These sessions are perfect for problem-solving, working through relationship or behavioral issues and learning early obedience skills.

Online consultations will be less than a third of the price of a home visit!

Private Coaching for Reactive Dogs

Private Coaching for Reactive Dogs

Does your dog lunge and bark at every dog you encounter? Is walking your dog a stressful chore instead of a pleasurable bonding experience? This 10 session, private course will teach you the skills needed to manage triggering events and ensure that your dog's focus is on you rather than the environment. Six teaching sessions plus four real world practice sessions is $440.

Private Puppy Curriculum

Not all dogs or humans learn best in a group environment. Private lessons allow you to learn and work together in a distraction-free environment on the basics of focus, attention and obedience. Lessons are scheduled when and where you are most comfortable learning. This is a great option for families with puppies and young children!

  • Six lessons, including clicker, Puppy Start Right Manual and treat bag is $360.

Behavioral Consultation

Behavioral Consultation

Does Fido greet visitors by jumping and barking? Are you preparing for a new canine or human addition to the family? Would you like Fido to do less counter-surfing? Behavioral Consultations are a great way to address specific issues that are covered briefly in group obedience classes.

Each 90-minute in-home consultation covers the basics of clicker training and addresses issues specific to your dog's needs. $120 for 2 sessions that includes in person or phone follow up, as needed.

Day Training at Doggy Daycare & Spa

Do you love your dog but find that training time just isn't in your tight schedule? Let Click! Pawsitive Dog Training do the work for you on your dog's play days at Doggy Daycare and Spa! You set the training goals--basic obedience, improving impulse control or working on changing specific behaviors. We will do the work. This program includes 12, sessions at Doggy Daycare and Spa plus two in-home sessions to ensure that your dog's new skills are maintained. $420,00.

Doggy Daycare & Spa Clients Only

Home Training

Let Click! Pawsitive Dog training help you reach the goal of having a well-mannered balanced dog. Individualized, personal training is provided by the trainer in your home. Daily practice is key to learning and generalizing any skill. The program is designed to keep your dog's training moving forward despite your hectic schedule. This program includes 12 sessions plus two consultations to ensure that your dog's new skills are maintained. $560.00

Phone contact with trainer is recommended prior to registration.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made BY PHONE at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid forfeiting the lesson. Should the trainer cancel the day of your appointment, you will receive a free session.