Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Click! Pawsitive Dog Training offers evening classes at Doggy Daycare & Spa of Okemos and now at Doggy Daycare and Spa of Lansing.

Classes sizes are limited to ensure that all dog and handler pairs get the support they need. Cost includes instruction, handouts, a clicker and a treat bag. Please check the Group Class Schedule Page prior to enrolling to ensure that the class you are interested in is currently being offered.

PLEASE NOTE: You must provide proof of age appropriate immunizations including Bordatella and Canine Influenza prior to the start of class. Please check with your Veterinary Clinic to ensure that Bordatella and Canine Influenza have been given as they are not part of the original immunization series given at most clinics.

Click! For Obedience Puppy

Puppies, ages 14 weeks to 12 months, and their humans will learn the foundation skills for lifelong success. Limit 6 participants. Dogs will learn basic obedience skills such as sit, down, come and loose leashing walking . Humans will learn how to facilitate focus and attention in their dog and the building blocks for creating a deeper bond with their young dog.

10 week course

Puppy Control Unleashed®

This 10-week class is designed for puppies up to 12 months of age and is based on the book "Control Unleashed®, the Puppy Program" by Leslie McDevitt. This program focuses on building a strong relationship with your puppy and empowering them with skills to handle new, and possibly stressful, situations. You will learn techniques to promote calmness, confidence, and impulse control through pattern games.

A clicker and treat pouch will be provided but the following will need to be purchased for success in this class:
- Control Unleashed®, the Puppy Program book
- Proper fitting harness
- 6 foot leash
- Portable mat (dog beds are not recommended for this)

Books, harnesses and mats will be available for purchase at class, if needed, in limited quantities.

Class Instructor: Sheyenne Ridenour

Adult 101

Help your dog become a polite member of the family. This 6-week class is perfect for dogs who have had little to no training. In class, we will cover loose-leash walking, coming-when-called, alternatives to jumping and more!

Reactive Rover

Enjoy taking your dog on walks again with our Reactive Rover class. This 8-week course is designed for dogs who may bark, growl or lunge at other dogs while on walks. Our goal is to give you tools to manage and modify your dog's reactivity so that outings can be less stressful and more fun for the both of you

Puppy Manners

This course is designed to help you and your puppy start off on the right paw. This course focuses on learning the fundamentals of obedience training and the basics of positive reinforcement training. Your puppy will be introduced to behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come, handler attention, how to greet people appropriately, leave-it, and walking on a loose leash.

Walk with Me! - Loose Leash Walking

This 6-week class will teach you and your dog how to walk together so that walks will be safe and enjoyable for both of you. You will learn different techniques to help your dog understand what to do instead of pulling you down the street. A few behaviors we will work on are impulse control around distractions, handler attention, and maintaining a loose leash.

•Completion of a Beginning Obedience Class or equivalent
•Dog must be comfortable and non-reactive around other people and dogs

NOTE: This is NOT a class for dogs that are leash-reactive, if you are experiencing reactivity then our Control Unleashed or Reactive Rover Class is a better suit for you and your dog.

Click! For Obedience Advanced Puppy

This course will focus on building the skills needed for you and your dog to become a successful working team. This course is suitable for individuals who are working with their service dogs in training and for families who want to be able to take their dogs with them on outings and trips.