I am posting my review here as well as on her Click Pawsitive Dog Training site, because people don't always check there: Outstanding program and trainer. Three years ago I adopted a Rottweiler Australian Shepherd mix named Macy. She was three years old and not trained to a leash. She was a lot stronger than I expected her to be and she pulled me down during the winter months. She also was attacked by a smaller dog and it was difficult to break up the fight. It became impossible for me to walk her in my neighborhood due to the number of other dogs, cats, squirrels, etc, I had to find places to walk her away from all distractions. It seemed like fate when I sat next to Sara at the retirement dinner and she gave me her card. When I got back from visiting my family in Virginia, Macy and I started private lessons with Sara. I was amazed at how quickly Macy responded to the training and was able to attend Sara's Focused Fido Class with other dogs. I just came back from walking Macy in my neighborhood where we ran into 4 other dogs, including a poodle mix who barked at her the whole time we passed her yard. Macy stayed focused on me the whole time (other that needing to get in some good sniffs and pees) and no pulling or reacting to the other dogs. Within 6 weeks of training, this is why If I could give Sara even more stars I would.

-Diane Bennett

I am a disabled service dog handler & have utilized the training services of Click!Pawsitive Dog Training owner, Sara Alguire. Sara is an absolutely incredible dog trainer. She runs wonderful training groups and also offers convenient personal training sessions. Sara is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CPT), which essentially means that she is credentialed by the foremost academy of force-free positive reinforcement training. This accreditation is reserved for the best of the best in the dog training arena. If a trainer is effective in training a dog to service dog standard (and understanding ADA law and task training requirements) it is fair to say that they can handle any pet dog that comes their way. Sara is the trainer I chose after contacting upwards of 10 other local trainers, and I do not hesitate to recommend her to any service dog team or pet dog owner in a 50 mile radius of Haslett, Michigan.

Katie L.

Sara, was patient, broke things down for me, explained when I asked WHY? Also appreciated the homework assignments..wish we could work together every week!!

Shari C.